What we have been up to.

The Best of Oldham

  We had a great night with other members of 'The Best of Oldham' and also potential members who came along to see what its all about.

A good end to a roller coaster year

After a year of ups and down (mostly ups, thanks to our fantastic staff and customers) Brokenpencil would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year. Hoping you all have a very prosperous 2015.

Fast Turnaround Labels

Danny Boy Barbers, Shaw, is launching soon a new hair care product range, and we were asked to produce prototype labels for the first batch to be shown in the shop. Of course we were happy to do so, next day service, Danny was very happy.


having not messed with the brokenpencil website for far too long, i thought i would try my hand at updating a little using wordpress. This will be very 'work in progress', the facebook page and twitter will still be active so please keep in touch there if necessary.